Sunday, June 30

Daily Calendar

I've been wanting a calendar system that the kids could be in charge of each day. What is that saying? Work smarter, not harder. Something like that?

...a blurry photo! Sorry about that!
Don't pay attention to all those boxes of flooring in the background. :o)

I decided {after too much thought and consideration} to house it on a Target Dollar Spot pocket chart I bought 2-3 years ago {and wasn't using}. I built another chart holder out of PVC pieces. Then I painted it black.

I think it will look great on the counter top, or wherever it ends up, and it will be very easy for the Daily Calendar person to update.

I also think it needs a monster or two. What do you think?


FYI --- This PVC chart holder was built from one 10' piece. 
I cut it into two 24" pieces, three 16" pieces, and four 3" pieces. 
It also required 2 tee joints and 6 elbow joints. 

Now I just need to figure out a container to hold all the little calendar pieces. I thought about one of those small 3-5 drawer mini "Sterilite" containers, but I think it'll be too big. I would need 4-5 spots/holes/drawers/whatever. Do you have any suggestions?