Monday, June 24

Inspirational Quotes

Some colleagues and I are reading through Strategies That Work together and meeting for a book study each week. It's a great book, and I love being able to talk about it with teachers I teach with. I read that book last semester too, because it was one of the assigned readings for the college class I took. I didn't get to talk about it though, just reflect each week in some sort of assignment. Boo! Talking about it and how it can apply to our classrooms is SO much better! :o)

My BIG project last week was taking some of those inspirational quotes we have lifted from the book and putting them in different paintings I'm going to display on top of my cabinets. (I have a whole row of cabinets with nothing but a globe on top.)

I painted the pictures with acrylics, printed the quotes (in my handwriting, thanks to the iFontmaker app), and Mod Podged the quotes to the paintings. (I haven't used Mod Podge in a while and forgot how much it STINKS!)

I hot glued some cardboard triangles on the back of each canvas to help it stand up. I think they look great and will hopefully be inspirational to my kiddos and myself this next year!