Sunday, June 9

Lollipop Topiary Monster

My teamies and I, like most teachers, use a clip chart. We decided last year that the kids would start on green. They could move down: yellow, orange, red. They could move up: blue. That's it.

Last year, if kids ended the day on blue, they received a special {Vistaprint} postcard home.

This year, they will receive a postcard home AND a lollipop from my new lollipop topiary monster.

I Googled and Pinterested several lollipop tree options and read blog posts for suggestions. I read on at least one blog that the person had a lot of lollipops leftover from their large bag, so I thought I could get away with just a small bag of lollipops. Nope. It covered less than half of the styrofoam ball head. SO I ended up buying the large bag anyway and, of course, have a lot of lollipops left over. 


The only thing missing is the googly eyes that will go on the small blue styrofoam balls that are supposed to be eyeballs. I dug, but it turns out that all my googly eyes are at school.


The one thing, maybe two, that I would change is to paint the wooden dowel blue and maybe add more swirly blue pipe cleaners. I still LOVE my lollipop topiary monster, though.

I'll be adding this post to Tara's Monday Made-It.


  1. This is absolutely fabu! I adore it!! We also do a clip chart, but are thinking about revamping it for next year. LOVE this idea!

    Sarah from Third Grade Skinny

  2. Love it! It even looks like it is smiling! :) It screams happiness!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Very very cute! Love it and I bet the kids do too!

    Collaboration Cuties

  4. That is tooooo cute!! I also do a monster theme in my class (since we have a room full of monsters ;) ). Where did you get the little hands for the topiary?

    1. I made the hands out of sticky-backed foam. They are stuck in the base by toothpicks. :)

  5. Dang - that's cute!



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