Monday, June 17

(Re)made Crate Seats

It sure does stink not having my computer! The district takes it for 2 weeks in the summer to update it. I think it's become like an extra appendage because I really, really miss it when it's gone. That seems to be the time I get great ideas... if only I had my computer to work on them. Ha! I'm going to try to sweet talk someone into giving it back to me 2 or 3 days early this summer. Wish me luck!

This last week my project was redoing my crate seats. Let me give you a little tour of my crate seat progression...

Two summers ago, I made 3 of these beautiful things.

Then the second graders did this.

So I recovered them in a darker fabric and decided to make them into a bench. Beautiful! It sits at the edge of my meeting carpet.

Last summer I decided I wanted to make more crate seats to put around my reading table. Unfortunately I apparently didn't take any pictures of their fabulousness. But not even half way through the year, the wiggly bottoms that sat on the chairs wiggled the parts off that kept the seats from sliding right off.

So I thought, I'll just make a couple more benches because I really love the one I have.

Do you see the problem? Apparently when I had these seats cut, I didn't use exactly the same size board, so the Plan B FAILED. It was just a little bit too small to fit around the crate and sit flush.

Last week I went back to Plan A and used thicker boards and screwed them on. I don't know why I didn't think of that the first time! Hopefully, wiggly bottoms or not, those seats won't wiggle right off the crates.

My classroom color scheme is black, blue, and green. I haven't found many dark fabrics I like with that color scheme, so my crate seats have always been the black, white, yellow. My husband talked me into the monster fabric, though, as I searched out a fourth black, white, yellow fabric. I'll put those two at my computer table.

There you have it! I just love Mondays. Thank you, Tara, for hosting! What would our creative brains do without you?!

Crate seats or benches are marvelous, so if they aren't a part of your classroom summer to-do list, they definitely should be this summer!