Tuesday, July 16

All About Me...Award Style!

11 Things You'd Never Know About Me

I don't like tomatoes. And neither does Hubs. We were made for each other!
Every 2 years (or so) I donate my hair. I like to do that during the school year because it makes for a great conversation with the kiddos.
Hubs and I will be celebrating our 7th anniversary this fall and don't have any kids.
I don't drink pop. But I also don't like coffee or tea. That leaves me with water, Gatorade (my pop replacement) and flavored water (yum!).
I love rain storms, smells and sounds.
I'm a night person. Mornings are difficult!
I almost never wear makeup. I learned that from my mom. 
I enjoy watching Walking Dead like Jessica from Teacher's Heart.
Luckily, Hubs' dad and my parents live fairly close, but the first Christmas I didn't get to spend with my family, I cried. It's tough to let traditions go. 
I feel more confident teaching Math than Reading, Science than Social Studies. When Hubs finishes his masters, I'm going to get one in Reading. Hopefully that will help me feel more confident.
When I was little I collected Cabbage Patch Dolls and music boxes. 

Jessica's questions (from Teacher's Heart)

1. Where is your favorite place to go to? I was raised in the country, so I like being at home. However, if I trek to the "big city," I usually go to Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joann Fabrics.
2. Where do you find your teacher resources/inspirations? I love getting ideas from Pinterest and other teacher blogs. 
3. What is your favorite teacher memory? I love the off-the-cuff, candid moments we get to have with kids. I think a memory that will last a long time is the end of this last year. I offered to stand as a target at the water balloon sling shot station on field day. One of my sweet little girls whizzed one past my head that I'm sure would've left a nice mark had I been standing a couple inches to the right. Then, another one of my sweet little girls earned a chance to put a pie in a teacher's face. She chose me and had a blast, I'm sure. That was my first pie in the face. 
4. When did you know that you were going to be a teacher? When I was little. I used to play "school" with my friends and dolls. 
5. What is your favorite meal? Mom's chicken and dumplings. I've declared that meal as untouchable as long as mom is around to make it. 
6. What color schemes are your favorite for your classroom? green and blue. They go SO well together. And throw a little black in the mix. Wowsers!
7. What is your favorite piece of technology, school-related or not, to use? iPad. Love using it.
8. What is your favorite season? Fall. I love the colors and the perfect temperatures. Summers in the midwest get too hot. Winters can be nasty. 
9. When you're not teaching, what are you up to? I love creating things, watching movies, spending time with family and friends. 
10. If you could go anywhere, that you haven't already visited, where would it be? I would like to go to Hawaii, Oregon, and Europe.
11. Do you have any pets? We have 1 orange fur-baby. His name is Goliath. I also have a feather-baby now. Her name is Mona.

Beth's questions (from A Kindergarten Life for Me)

1. How long have you been teaching? This coming school year will be my 8th year. Yikes! Seems like just yesterday I was with my first class of 3rd graders.
2. What is your favorite state to visit and why? About 5 years ago I went on a trip with some girlfriends along the East Coast. It was amazing. We spent several days in Massachusetts. I think that was my favorite state on that trip. We also got to visit my sis-in-law last summer in Seattle, which is also a very lovely state.
3. Do you like cake or pie the best? I'm not a dessert eater, so usually neither, but if I have to choose, I'd say pie.
4. What is your favorite cereal? I'm also not a big cereal/breakfast eater. I usually choose Honey Nut Cheerios when I do eat cereal, though.
5. What is the best advice you have ever been given...as a teacher...or in life? This is a toughy. The most recent one I can think of is "Take care of your emails immediately." We have so many surveys and little training things and what not that we have to do throughout the year. It's so easy to overlook or forget to do something if you put it off for "when you have time." Ha. That phrase is humorous!  
6. If you weren't a teacher, what would you want to be/do? Maybe a graphic designer or a craft something-or-other. 
7. What is your favorite TV show? Hubs and I enjoy watching reality TV together. Right now we're digging all the drama on Big Brother, but I think our all-time favorite is Celebrity Apprentice. My favorite non-reality TV show is Pretty Little Liars. I like crime shows.  
8. Do you like Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays the best? Why? Oooo, probably Saturdays. It's my one sleep-in day during the school year. It's also my mandatory day off each week during the school year. No school work on Saturdays when school is in session. 
9. Facial or Pedicure? I've only had one pedicure in my life, the day before I got married. That was fun. 
10. What was your very first car? A Pontiac Sun---something. Fire? Bird? I can't remember. (a hand-me-down that almost lasted through high school) 
11. Are you the oldest, middle, or youngest? I'm the youngest AND the only girl. Assume what you will about that. :o) 

Sara's questions (from First Grade Funtastic)

1. What grade do you teach? 2nd.
2. When does school start for you? Teachers start August 7th... I think. Kids come back August 14th.
3. Do you like to shop? Not so much, unless it's for craft stuff. I don't like having to try on things. 
4. What social media sites do you follow for teaching? Not a big Facebook fan so I almost never get on which means I don't follow any teacher sites there. Not a Twitter person. I like Instagram, Pinterest, and Bloglovin'. 
5. Who was your favorite teacher and why? My 5th grade teacher. I like writing and she really sparked that in me. My biggest memory with her is publishing books and participating in our classroom newspaper. The kids wrote the articles. 
6. What grade levels are in the building you teach in? Pre-K through 5th grade.
7. What is your favorite clothing place to shop at? I like clearance anywhere and thrift stores. My most recent clothes purchase was a $2 pair of khakis from JCPenney.
8. If you had 1000 to spend, what would you buy? I would put it all on the car we recently had to buy for me. My car died at the beginning of last year and wasn't worth fixing. We were in the middle of buying our first house though, so Hubs and I shared a car for 7 months. 
9. Do you have any other family members that are teachers? My grandpa was a teacher and principal. My great-grandma who I received my middle name from was also a teacher. 
10. How early do you go back into your classroom before school starts? I've been going almost once a week for random reasons (print something, measure something, participate in a book study or workshop, etc.), but I am unable to actually do anything in my room until... not sure. They're redoing the carpets but still don't know when that will happen this summer. Yikes, huh?
11. What is your favorite children's book? Why? My absolute favorite will have to be the Amelia Bedelia series because those were the first books I really got into.

Dearest bloggy friends, we're going to play a game of "Would you rather...?"
Here's my 11 questions. It might be more interesting if you can also tell WHY.

1. Would you rather write with a pen or a pencil?
2. Would you rather have recess duty or lunchroom duty every single day?
3. Would you rather teach Math or Reading? Science or Social Studies?
4. Would you rather eat 5 whole bags of M&Ms or 2 bugs?
5. Would you rather get a brand new car or go on a vacation with your mother-in-law?
6. Would you rather go skydiving (free fall) or rappelling (hug a rock)?
7. Would you rather walk with a pebble in your shoe for a week or go without shoes for a week?
8. Would you rather eat out every meal for a month or eat in every meal for a month?
9. Would you rather be a salesman or a librarian? 
10. Would you rather live right across the street from the school you work at or live an hour away?
11. Would you rather lose your voice or have nonstop verbal diarrhea?

Ha! I'm excited for your answers to some of these questions! :o)

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