Sunday, July 14

My Spelling Invention

I'm pretty proud...
I can now add inventor onto my list of "Who is Mrs. Jones?"
Ha ha.
Just joking.
I'm sure my little invention isn't the only one of its kind, my friends.

Last year I loathed having to change out my spelling lists each week. This is partly because I would forget to do it until a sweet little 2nd grade brought it to my attention (while I was starting small groups or in the middle of something, no doubt).

I had 6 little clear, plastic, standup picture frames I'd gotten from Walmart to display the weekly spelling list. The kids could pick one up and use it to practice the weekly words with a container of beads or the magnets, etc. It was a pain in my hind end to change those silly things each week, though. Every single time I had to do it I would mumble to myself, I wish all I had to do was flip it over to the new list.

My teamie next door has little standup IKEA frames that she uses to display her weekly spelling lists. You know those cute little $1, two-sided frames that hold 4x6 pictures that come in the fabulous colors? She would just slip her little laminated lists into the frame each week. As I looked at those throughout last year, I formed a picture in my head of my fabulous Spelling invention I would create this summer.

And now it's done! Hooray!

I'm super stoked to use these this year. It's going to be a student job to "flip" those things each week. Not only is it more efficient, it's a student responsibility. Double bonus!

I took pictures of the putting together process to include as a "How-to" in my TPT product, so take a look as how this works. If you are interested in creating these 2nd grade Storytown spelling lists rotating files yourself, here's the TPT product link. I'll even email the first 2 people (since I have twenty-some followers) who comment that they are interested a FREE copy of this TPT product. Wowsers! (Make sure you leave your email, friends.)

Happy Sunday!