Saturday, July 20

Saturday Snapshots

Happy Saturday, bloggy friends.

This is my first Saturday Snapshots with Miss Nelson. 

I don't have a lot to share, just...

Before the laundry room was painted. (We've had issues with our basement flooding off and on since the day after Christmas, but we hope it's fixed and we're painting it for the last time.)

My fabulous painting buddy, my mom. She's touching up the bathroom.

I love grilling in the summer time. This particular day was fabulous because first you have the wonderful grilling smell and then it started raining. I love the smell and sounds of rain. Great day!

After the laundry room was painted, trim was put back on, and floor was mopped. Looks much better!

Thanks for hosting, Miss Nelson. Next weekend I'll be visiting a friend in Des Moines, but I'll try to come back soon!