Tuesday, July 9

Sew Much To Do

I know I'm late to the party, but Monday was busy!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember I had some sewing machine issues (that still haven't been resolved) that halted some summer projects. My sweet, generous teamie let me borrow hers, though, so I've been sewing up a storm! 

First, I finished my new hallway window curtains. I have 3 hallway windows. Blue and black happen to be our school colors and I found blue monster fabric and black monster fabric at Joann Fabrics.

Our school was built last summer, which meant that we didn't get into our classrooms until the week before teachers were supposed to report back. Last August, I quickly sewed these valence-type curtains for my outside windows, but I ran out of time to hem them, so I finished those curtains also.

Another project I ran out of time for last summer was this birthday chair cover for the kids' birthdays and half birthdays. I actually remade it into 2 separate sections, the back and the seat.

The seat part hooks on the front 2 legs. Then tie the yellow ribbons in the back around the 2 back legs.

The back has a pocket that fits over the back of the chairs at school and you can see "My Special Day" on the back of the chair.

We didn't get to use it very much last year because I ran out of time and didn't do a great job putting it together, so it kind of fell apart. The kids were disappointed, so I'm excited to use it this year...ALL year!

I have 3 more projects to do/finish before handing the sewing machine back: the messenger bag pictured below (unfinished), a skirt, and a couple of crate covers. Trying to get my sewing list finished before I'm sewing machine-less again!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're enjoying your tour through the Monday Made Its!