Friday, July 26

This Week Rewind

I finally got into my classroom this week. Yay!

This is how it looked after Day 1.

I've also been working on...

These paint sticks have been a little bit of a nightmare for me. It took me 3 tries to get them to this point. I still don't love them, but this is how they will stay. They are only missing student name tags now. The paint sticks are used in my class library. The kids will each have one with their names on it. They put it in the book's tub when they "check" one out. 

I love the Sterilite drawer fronts though. You can't tell from this far away, but the green designed papers are different. To make mine, I laminated the 12x12 scrapbook paper and cut it to the size I wanted. I attached them on the inside with a little bit of clear tape on the top (where the handle part is) and bottom. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know this has been a problem for me too. I had my stool decorated just the way I wanted, until I sprayed the clear stuff on top. One person thought maybe the original paint was a different type than the clear spray. I can't remember what type of paint I used last summer, but that is very possible. So I started over. I actually think it is looking better the second time around. Yay!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend, bloggy friends.