Saturday, July 13

Transforming Your Math Instruction

I recently participated in a 3 day workshop over CGI or Cognitively Guided Instruction. It completely changes the way you think about Math.

CGI focuses on the learner. It focuses on number sense because number sense is the foundation in Math. Our presenter told us that students involved in this program out score other students because they learn to be efficient in ways that other children don't learn. It progresses at the learner's pace and ability.

CGI classrooms are productively noisy and messy.

A CGI classroom focuses on questioning to know the kids' strategies. Kids learn from other kids when they see their classmates solving more efficiently. They adopt strategies that make sense to them when they're ready for them. The teacher sort of takes a back seat, observing and questioning more, letting the kids "teach" each other through sharing.

In a CGI classroom, the thinking is much more important than right/wrong or how the representation looks.

I'm excited to use CGI in my classroom this year. I've already taken my new teacher's manual (we have a new curriculum this year) and started marking the question types. Stay tuned to see how CGI works in my classroom, how I incorporate it into my beloved centers, how it fits into our new Expressions curriculum.

In celebration of that CGI workshop (and figuring out how awesome Ppt is for making TPT products), please download this freebie. Highlights from the training that you can use in your classroom too.

Happy Saturday! :o)