Tuesday, August 6

2013-14 Schedule

I'm very interested to see all your classrooms and schedules this year, so I'm glad Simply 2nd Resources  is hosting this party.

I actually start back tomorrow, so the schedule I am sharing is a preliminary this-is-how-I-think-it-is schedule.

I think you can click on it to make it bigger. 

Last year we did Reading in the morning and Math in the afternoon, so that will be a big switch this year. Does anyone have any thoughts on which time of day is better for either subject?

This last weekend I spent a couple of days with my sweet friend upstate. It was a sweet surprise for her her. She's moving into a room of a teacher who taught for 20-some years but is in the hospital, so she can't box it up herself. It was a big job. Then my main target was her reading area and class library book shelf. I was so glad to spend the days with her.

Last night we had a huge storm. It's been raining like crazy lately. Luckily we didn't have water in the basement like many people we talked to. Storms are supposed to continue this week.

Today I stepped in to my classroom for a couple hours after tree clean-up. I also brought our feathered friend back to school. The teacher next door also has zebra finches. Her finches had babies, so one of those new birdies joined our little Mona. I think Mona's being a bully though. She was picking on the new friend today. Hmm... I wonder if they should be separated.


  1. Wow! Our bell doesn't ring for children to come in until 9:15! Isn't that crazy?
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. We start about the same time as you. I like Lisa's (comment above) time. I could totally get into a start time of 9:15.


  3. We start at 7:50 and end at 2:35.
    I had reading and math in the morning last year. I have had reading in the afternoon but it didn't work well with my first graders. I know our second grade it in the afternoon and her class did fine.

    The Busy Busy Hive

    1. I started back to school yesterday and already found I needed to adjust some times on my schedule. Then today we found out that we will be adding a 4th kindergarten class because we have 80-some enrolled, which means our building schedule will probably make a big change. Oh well. Our poor title teachers have a big job tomorrow recreating the building schedule for our specials and MTSS group time. I should probably bring them some chocolate! :)


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