Tuesday, August 13

Classroom Digs

Meet the Teacher night went well tonight. All but three kiddos came. It's so exciting for them to come and see their new classroom, hallway, and desk. Because it was a long day, I just snapped a few photos quickly on my way out. I'll probably add some photos tomorrow of some areas I already noticed I forgot to take pictures of, like the word wall.

teacher area and student laptops

class library

mailbox and tomorrow's lunch choices

helper "board" and cubbies

front meeting area and listening area

door, birds, and "stuck" poster

Tomorrow's our first day of school. I'm excited to get the year rolling! It helps that I love my room more this year than ever before. :o)

I love peeking in at other people's classrooms. Stop by Blog Hoppin' when you get a chance this week.