Sunday, August 18

I Made the Switch... Advice?

I'm updating this post to participate in Swimming into Second's Show Off Your Space party
I love peeking in at other people's classrooms. You should stop by!

The kids came back last Wednesday. Boy, were those 3 days exhausting! I forget how much energy it takes. I also forget what the kids are like when they come to second grade. Sure makes me miss my {now} third graders.

We stayed busy this week. We took first day and birthday board pictures. We created Learning Notebook covers, communication folder covers, and colored a picture to personalize the fronts of our book boxes.

I usually read Officer Buckle and Gloria to introduce our classroom rules. I also usually read Chrysanthemum. They're both such great books. I also read Nobody's Mother is in Second Grade during our daily read aloud time.

We started our Pathways whole group review lessons. We'll start Spelling next week, but Screech already made it up on the word wall. He looks out for words whose spellings don't match their sounds, like the word of. It sounds like /uv/ but is spelled o-f. That's a Screech word that will eventually go up on the word wall. We also keep word family charts. Since we don't have any bulletin boards in our classrooms, I put those up on the cabinet doors.

lunch sign up... This year we have 3 choices.

We also started our new Math curriculum. It's been slow going because of the different vocabulary. I taught lesson 1, then had to reteach it the next day because the kids struggled so much.

Then on Friday I switched out my desks for tables! I'm nervous and excited about it. I've never had tables before. I bought the little plastic shoebox containers to hold their supply boxes and the long black baskets to hold pencils.

Do you have any table advice for me? Anything I need to think about?

These are our zebra finches. Last year I had Mona and Lisa, but Lisa died shortly after arriving. Mona needed a friend. Luckily, my teacher neighbor's birds had babies, so Leah {because of Leonardo Da Vinci} joined her a few weeks ago.

Hope you have a fabulous week preparing for your new kiddos!
Good luck to those who are starting this week!