Monday, August 12

Meet the Teacher

Saturdays are my chance to sleep in and lounge in the morning. I prefer to wake up and not have to pop out of bed right away. Sometimes I lay there and read for awhile. Sometimes I lay and flip through blogs. Other times I might play an app or watch a TV show. Last Saturday I drew.

I made a mini-ME.
Isn't she fabulous?

I used suggestions {sort of} from the blog Teaching in the Tongass. Her minis are WAY cuter than mine. You should check them out. You can even pay for her to make one for you in her TPT store. They are so cute!

First I drew a little picture of ME on the back of an index card. Then I took a picture of it with my iPad.

I used my Sketchbook app. First I imported the photo in as a layer and changed it to 50% {or less} opacity. Then I added another layer and traced my sketch with a thin black line. Finally I added another layer and colored in the mini-ME. I made sure my black line layer was on top so it didn't look all smudgy.

I accessed it on my laptop through photo stream and made sure the background was clear through Word. Now I have a mini-ME and I think she's fantastic. I was surprised by how easy she was to create.

Now you know what I look like. Back to the burning question...

Who is Mrs. Jones?

one. I am a second grade teacher. My school is pre-K through 5th grade. I have two feather pets in my classroom. This will be my 8th year as a teacher. My classroom theme is monsters. The color scheme is green and blue.

two. I live in the Sunflower State. I have a small, but close, family. Both my parents are only children. That's right, no aunts, uncles, or first cousins.

three. I'm not a morning person. I always set 2 alarms (about 15-20 minutes apart) in the morning.

four. I love Lifesaver mints. I would have an unending supply if possible.

five. I tend to buy cute, little notebooks like other people buy purses or shoes or clothes.

six. I tend to be cold most the time... I should probably invest in Kleenex stock.

seven. I prefer the radio or Pandora; my husband prefers talk radio or podcasts.

eight. Neither of us like tomatoes.

nine. I embarrass easily and tend to be shy... until you get to know me. Then it's a whole 'nother story.

ten. I grew up in the country with fields all around and neighbors a mile away. Then I married a city kid. I will always be a country girl at heart.

Tomorrow is 'Meet the Teacher' night at our school where the kids get to come, see their new classroom, and put their supplies away. Today is 'Meet the Teacher' over at Blog Hoppin'. Hop on over and meet some new teachers!