Saturday, August 3

Saturday Snapshots

It's been a busy week.

Last weekend we spent several days with our dear sweet friend whose father just passed. So sad. Doesn't her little niece just look like she's chatting away in this photo? Love it!

Immediately after coming home, my momma came over and helped us paint the bottom half of the basement walls. (We had to repair ALL of them because of water damage.) It's so wonderful to see the downstairs starting to look more like normal again. Next step will be the flooring.

That is a not so flattering photo of me! :o)

I spent some time this week creating some gifts for some dear sweet teachers. One of them is a first year teacher, so I felt I needed to show her some extra love!

I also packed and sent my Blogger Exchange package. I'm super excited to see all the posts that appear in the bloggy world once everyone starts receiving their packages. I noticed on Instagram that a lot of people sent their packages within the last couple days.

I report back to school on Wednesday, so I've tried going in to my classroom for an hour or two each day. Trying to check things off my to-do list left and right. It's coming right along and I'm excited to do a reveal post when it's all finished.

Hubs and I don't go on enough date nights, which is silly because we don't have any kids. Last night we I got dressed up and we found a cute little pizza place we'd never been to before in this cute little square I've never explored before. Then we walked over to a little ice cream shop practically next door. We decided to rent a movie instead of going to the theatre. Fun, fun!

This weekend will be busy. We're celebrating Hubs' birthday today. {He's going to be 34.} Tomorrow I'm going to visit my friend in the top picture again. She's starting 4th grade this year and has barely gotten into her classroom because of her father passing and being gone for that. I'm going to help her get organized and ready before she has to report on Monday. Yikes!

Have a great weekend, bloggy friends. Link up with Miss Nelson if you have the chance! She's a fabulous host!