Thursday, August 1

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Does anyone else start singing the popular song from Sound of Music {in your head, of course} when they hear that phrase? I do. "Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens..."

Today I'm linking up with the Ladies Across the Hall to share some of my back-to-school favorites.

Writing utensils. A must. My favorite pencils are these Paper Mate ones with the side clicker. I usually get pretty colors that match my classroom theme, though. My favorite pens are Sharpie pens, in assorted colors, of course.

Laminator. I didn't fully appreciate it when I originally received it as a birthday gift years ago. I think Hubs used it more than me. Not anymore. That thing is housed at home during the summer and at school during the school year. I use it weekly. Sometimes you just can't wait for the school laminating aide to get to your items.

Glue gun. So far this year I have used this to glue the ribbon bookmarks to the back of our future poetry journals. Today I used it glue the erasers {pom poms} to the end of our dry erase markers. Otherwise I use it for some crafts that just won't stay together.

Sticky notes. This year I plan on sticky-note-ing it up in room 30. I read Strategies That Work this summer with a few colleagues, so look out!

Label maker. I use this to label our mailboxes, our cubbies, and our behavior chart clips, among other things. It's so useful!

Link up and share some of your favorite back-to-school products.

Thanks for hosting ladies!