Saturday, September 7

Busy, Busy, Busy!

What a busy couple of weeks it's been!

I finished a new book study over a James Marshall book, George and Martha Encore. I haven't added a product in 2-3 months, so I'm pretty excited. I will use it in my classroom when we start our MTSS (RTI) small groups. For today and tomorrow, all the book studies in my TPT store will be on sale! Hope you have time to stop by! I'm even willing to give the first 2 people who comment with their email addresses a free copy of that newest book study.

Spelling is not going nearly as well this year, BUT if we have to take 2 weeks for every Spelling list, then that's what we'll do. These are essential Spelling rules to remember that will help them be successful later on. We spent the last two weeks on this list. Here's an ABC order that we used. Even if you don't use Pathways to Reading, you might still want to use this in a word work station. Grab it if you like!


My husband is an artist (on his iPad, these days) in his spare time. He's discovered these art groups through Google+ where people will comment on his drawings. Between him and the mini-me I created, I thought it would be fun to create some drawings of my students. I remember I used to do that while I was still in college and worked at a daycare. Sometimes the kids would be playing, so I would just sketch while I was watching them. The iPad sure makes coloring them WAY easier. You're welcome to right click and save them and use them for clipart if they're useful to you.

The SLANT Box Exchange

Finally, I never realized there was a place to link up to share our SLANT boxes.

I received . . . from Heather at The Busy Busy Hive. :o)

What a treat that was! I love getting fun mail. It sure beats all the bills and junk mail we get. I think one of my favorite parts about receiving packages about from other teachers is that (1) you know you're going to appreciate whatever is in the box because teachers understand each other and (2) you get to know other teacher bloggers in a more personal way and (3) I get to try new products that I might not have picked out on my own. I love the SLANT box idea, and, while I probably won't participate every month, I most certainly will participate often. Thanks, Jameson at Lessons with Coffee, for setting this up each month, and thanks, Heather, for a lovely, wonderful surprise!

Be sure to come back tomorrow. I'll be sharing about a couple of big events that happened this week (and there will be another freebie)!

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