Wednesday, September 18

Listening to Reading with a Freebie

I went home sick yesterday with a slight fever, a stomach ache, and a serious headache. I feel better but decided to stay home one more day instead of going to an out-of-town meeting today.

I wanted to share one of my Reading centers with you all today, since I have time.

My principal stretched his funds at the end of last year and bought me a listening center because I didn't have one. Crazy, right? A second grade teacher without a listening center. No more!

I've been exploring all kinds of possibilities with it to find stories that go with our weekly Storytown stories. TumblebooksPebbleGo. Do you have other suggestions of places {websites} to find listening stories?

The students listen to a story one or two days. Then, they respond to the story. Currently, this is the response sheet that the kids are filling out. I ask for the book's title, a sentence, an illustration, and a caption.

For now, the sentence is supposed to tell me something that happened in the story, but later I could see asking them for an opinion, a prediction, a question that they had while listening, a fact they thought was interesting, or a connection. Right now we are drawing a picture of one of the characters in the story and labeling their name. I could see that box also being used for their favorite scene in the story.

If you would like to use our listening response sheet, please grab it HERE. Comments and suggestions are very, very welcome.

Happy Wednesday!
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