Sunday, September 8

Tailgate Party & Grandparents Day

Week 3 is complete.
A 4-day week, but it was LONG!

Once a year our school holds a Math and Reading Night for families to come and participate. It's actually a requirement because we are a Title 1 school, but usually most families only come if we are serving some sort of food. A few years ago, my fellow 5th grade teacher and I organized it like a Math Mystery Night where they were gathering clues to solve the mystery of who trashed the principal's office. It was nice getting back to a fun theme this year, something parents, kids, and teachers could get excited about. I'd like to think that's why we had such a good turnout (not because of the hotdogs).

We had an assembly with the high school cheerleaders to hype the kids up. Someone came around during the day and face-painted each of the teachers. We had a surprise guest (our high school drum line) that came that night, too.

I made a bookmark for parents to take home that will guide them on what to say if their child struggles when reading. I printed it front/back on cardstock. If you would like a copy of the bookmark, click on the picture above!

The kids got to make their own fun bookmarks out of foam. I had stickers and beads/bells to put on the string on top.

It was a long day, but it was really great!

Of course, Friday we celebrated grandparents.

In the past, we've had them come for breakfast, but kids come very late to class, then, and they run out of breakfast. It's just been too busy. Some grandparents have turned away. This year, we had a Grandparents Cookies and Tea time at the end of the day. Much better!

mint chocolate chip cookies...YUM
We were finishing centers, so the grandparents came in and sat with their grandchildren until we were finished. Then we had snacks (cookies and Kool-aid). Some of the grandparents took their grandchildren to the Book Fair in the library. The others sat in the room and listened to a read aloud.

It was GREAT!

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