Sunday, September 22

TPT {Writing} Best Seller Party

Have you visited Caitlin and Carrie's blog recently?

Phew! They are at it again!

This week they're hosting another TPT Best Seller's Party and Giveaway. This time it's all about WRITING!

Several TPT sellers have donated their best selling {writing} product for you to win. All you have to do is find the rafflecopter box at the bottom of their blog post! Yay!

I checked my TPT store, but I have to admit, almost all of my products are reading-related. I only had one writing product that was for sale, so I decided to donate it!

I used to teach fifth grade. In Social Studies, we would teach the 13 colonies. One project we would do for that unit was create these story circles. In my product, I have included pictures of the ones my kids created. There was a lot of diversity in their design choices, so I tried to recreate that diversity in my product.

This is a project that could be used for either narrative or informational writing. You could tell a story using these circles, or you could share information you learned about a topic. It's also a project that could be completed with any age group, so I included two different types of writing lines, a more primary version and an older elementary version.

When my fifth graders were finished, we glued the circles for each region of colonies together. They made a colorful decoration that hung from our ceiling for awhile. The students did a very nice job.

Starting today, you will have a chance to share your best selling writing activity through the party AND enter the rafflecopter to win all the amazing products!

Here's how:
1. Take a look at your TPT store and sort your products by 'Best Sellers.'2. Find the product that is your best selling writing related product. 3. Link up your best selling writing related product. 4. Enter the giveaway for a chance to win!5. Spread the word about the party and giveaway through all your social media!!

The party will be up for one week on Table Talk with C and C, so hurry over there!

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