Sunday, October 20

Table Teams and More

I switched from desks to tables shortly after the year began, you might remember. Naturally, this last week, I finally began table teams.

I sorted my kiddos Kagan-style, per the AP's suggestion. He's a big Kagan fan. Each table has a high, low, and at least one middle student. 

Each spot at my tables is numbered. This makes calling on certain students pretty easy. I could say, "If you are sitting in spot number 2, please pick up a Storytown book for everyone at your table." or "if you are sitting at spot number 4, please stand up to share your table's idea." I like it! 

I assigned each table a color and created a little color insert for the table pencil baskets. I also hung a little monster above each table that matches their table color. 

My AP suggested a trophy for the table with the most points at the end of the day, so I made this guy with a base from Hobby Lobby and a little plastic figure I painted gold. The table with the most points at the end of the day gets to keep the trophy on their table the next day. I think I will extend the celebration so that the table who won the most that week will receive monster tickets to put in the weekly drawing.

The kids especially love when they can have a 5 second party to celebrate winning or receiving a point.  They can get up and dance and move.

Week 1 with the new table team trophy has gone well. I'm hoping this positive system is a lasting solution to the chatter/off-task-ness/not paying attention problems I have with this group. 

On another note, I found an adequate Ms. frizzle dress for my Halloween costume at school. I bought some pieces of felt to cut out little weather-related objects to put on the dress. I hope it turns out as amazing as I'm picturing in my head! Now I just need to find a Liz-style stuffed animal to carry with me on our parade at school... 

Do you dress up for Halloween at your school?