Saturday, November 2

Apples, Apples and Halloween

I survived Halloween! Hooray!

I dressed up as Ms. Frizzle. Just so happened to be a rainy week and Halloween, too. I loved my sidekick Liz. She took me hours!

We did some fun apple experiments this week, though. (Click on the link to download a FREE experiment sheet I created.)

First, we found out the best liquid to put on an apple to preserve it, to keep it from turning brown, the longest.

Most of the kids hypothesized that water would do the best.

We brainstormed words that we might use when we taste apples. Then, we taste-tested green, red, and yellow apples.

Many of us, including me, had never tasted a yellow apple before. I was surprised that it tasted so similar to a red apple. The green apple was the most sour. Most of the kids preferred the red apple.

We put an apple poem in our poetry journals and used it to work on fluency.

I won an apple-shaped award for a PIE grant I wrote for a grow light.

These are the FREE apple products I found on TPT and used. Click on them if you are interested.


As an early birthday present to myself, I chopped my hair off! Love the change!

That's how my week went...
Happy weekend!

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