Saturday, March 8

Welcome Back! {5 for Fri.}


All right. I know it's been forever. Almost.

There are probably a million reasons I could give for not having posted anything since November. The bottom line is, whatever the reason from week to week, I just haven't done it. I hope you can forgive me.

To welcome myself back into blogging, I decided to participate in a Saturday version of...

We've been busy over the last weeks and months, that's for sure. More recently, we've...

been working on subtraction with ungrouping, 

finished our winter reading challenge and celebrated meeting our goals with an indoor snowball fight, 

dressed like Whos from Whoville,

and celebrated Dr. Seuss with pretzels, chocolate, and M&Ms.

Next week our tier 1 MTSS (RTI) kids will continue working on extending their math facts and place value knowledge through some neat modules I found on EngageNY, so I created some abacus/rekenreks out of beads, yarn, and foam (because I couldn't find any cardboard around the house).

I'm not going to promise more frequent blogging, but I appreciate you hanging with me, if you still are...

Have a great week! I'll be making my way through parent-teacher conferences this week (which means spring break is very near). Phew!
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