Friday, April 4

Random Five for Friday

Happy Friday, friends!

We finished up our adjective unit, so we can move on to verbs.

We planted cosmos for Mother's Day. 
Hopefully all our flowers bloom in time. 
I've never started their Mother's Day flowers from seeds!

We created minions to share with our 5th grade friends. 
We want to wish them good luck on their state assessments later this month.
The minion templates are available in my store, by the way.

Our second and third grade hallway has had some problems with lying this week. 
Isn't it strange how kids will lie about the strangest things?
Especially when they are most likely or obviously the guilty party.

I have no idea how the purple glitter got on the bathroom floor 
{though I'm the only one who brought all the colorful glitter}.

That cologne's not mine 
{though I reek of it because I haven't learned how to put it on yet}.

I did not say anything to my table team about clocks 
{even though the teacher watched me talking while she was talking and 
purposely called on my table seat number because she knew I knew the right answer}.

Hope you've enjoyed another edition of...

Have a GREAT weekend!

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