Friday, May 2

A Kansas Field Trip {Five on a Friday}

I'm exhausted!
I made sure to wear my pedometer today on the field trip. Over 10,000 steps.
Wow! No wonder I'm so tired.

We went to Prairie Rose today. Pretty much our whole school did. It was a behavior incentive trip. The kids had to earn enough punches on their Panther card to go.

It was a really neat field trip because we were learning about the way Kansas used to be when there were cowboys and chuck wagons and teepees. Our kids got to...

line dance,

ride in a wagon, 

try out the rope,

do an obstacle course, and

shoot an old gun.

I'm so glad it was such a beautiful day. Warm with a little breeze. Now I get to manage a little bit of a sunburn on my face. Great day with the kids!

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Happy weekend! 

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