Monday, May 5

SLANT Box Revealed!

Quick side note, friends, before I begin. Is it strange that I have "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world" stuck in my head? We had a musical (singing and dancing) performance this afternoon by a group from a local community college. Awesome! Turns out our Asst. Principal was a part of it at one time and even sang a song for us with them. Anyway, they sang (and danced) to that song. Stuck in my head!

I love participating in Jameson's SLANT boxes. What a great idea this was!

I loved April's theme, too. I met Clementine last year and used The Talented Clementine as a read aloud for my second graders. She is such a fun character! I decided Lacey from The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher needed to meet Clementine too. She sent me the sweetest email after she received her box, so I hope she's enjoying all her goodies! :o)

Friday, I excitedly received my box from Martha from 2 Smart Wenches. She discovered that I crave mystery and crime novels, so she thought I should give The Thirteenth Tale a try. You better believe I'll be digging into that book this summer... maybe even sooner. (I have a road trip to Colorado coming up soon when we go to a dear friend's wedding.) In case that wasn't enough, she also gave me a couple books to share with the kids as we are getting ready for summer, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell and The Night Before Summer Vacation. The kids will LOVE them! Kansans don't get very much beach experience naturally. I'm sure you can understand!

She also sent me a neat ceramic yellow jar... I'm picturing white daisies sitting in it to brighten up my teacher's desk! ... a fun sign for my room and sticky notes. I love sticky notes! I'm a list maker. I use sticky notes all... the... time! Fabulous. Martha also rightfully wanted me to be prepared for summer so she sent me an emory board set and some fun straws for fun summer drinks.

How kind is Martha! I'm so thankful for the wonderful box she sent me. Thank you so much, Martha, for your kindness and thoughtfulness! It is SO appreciated!

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!
And happy teacher day!

Be proud of all you do for those young friends that spend each day with you! You matter to them.

And you matter to me! I love this awesome teacher community we have online.

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