Saturday, May 3

Winner and a Few Other Things...

I have a winner! Thank you to everyone who participated. I also really appreciated the comments of ideas for the end-of-year activities.

Congratulations, Lisa! Please look for my email today.

We have chrysalids! I even took a video on Thursday after school of one of our caterpillars working on his chrysalis. If you look closely, you can see that the naughty caterpillars ate almost all of the white paper up at the top that they were supposed to attach to. Instead, they attached to the plastic lid. Silly things. I'll just have to attach the plastic lid to the side of my butterfly habitat. Here's the link (or you can click on my picture), if you want to check out that video I took. They sure do dance around!

Finally, next week is a special one for teachers. In celebration, Teachers Pay Teachers is having it's annual sale. Be sure to check it out and get rid of some of your wishlists.

300 × 300

This afternoon, my husband and I are going to watch the new Spider-Man movie. I love superhero movies! Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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