Monday, June 30

Meet Me & Monday Made It

Busy Monday in blogland!

Today I'm participating in The Teaching Tribune's Monday Meet Up and 4th Grade Frolics' Monday Made It.


1. My husband and I, taken a little over a year ago, on a mission trip.
2. My teammates and I on field (play) day in May.
3. My sweet friend Trish who just stopped by for a 4-day visit last weekend.
4. Our sweet friends Brandi and Scott whose company we love.


This summer was my first summer to teach at our district's Summer Academy. It's more like a day camp. In June, kids can sign up to come from 8-12 Monday through Thursday. They can eat breakfast and lunch free. They rotate through 4 hour-long classes. This summer I taught a class on upcycling. We took recyclables and made them into something fun or useful.

While I enjoyed the Summer Academy experience, I will not do the upcycling class again. It required too much prep and clean up, so I had to arrive before everyone else and often left much later than everyone else. I'm thinking readers theaters next year. Students choose a popular book and write a script. Make props. Present our play. OR... engineering (STEM) projects. It's going to be tough choosing which one to do because, right now, I'm excited about both!

For my Monday Made It, I wanted to share some of the projects we did throughout my Summer Academy experience in June. If you're interested in how-to, click on the picture. These particular pictures are all mine, but I've linked them all to the sites where I found them.


The ninjas and pipe cleaner friends were {by far} my favorite project!
I was so excited when I got mine to stand on their own.





lava lamps and gumball mazes made from straws and cereal boxes

Sorry for the picture overload...
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