Monday, June 9

Meet ME Monday

Oh, friends! This is going to be a summer of learnin' for this teacher. I'm taking 2 grad classes: Foundations of Curriculum Development and Teaching and Learning Models. It's already getting interesting up in here. I'll definitely be sharing some of my new knowledge at some point.

Anyway, I'm taking a moment to participate in a fun party, since I've been absent from my blog for too long! (By the way, how did I miss out on week 1? Where was I? Sheesh!)

I teach because I love the moments of real learning and understanding. True story. I also love the community that we build throughout the year.

I have a lot to do this summer. Summer school. 2 grad classes. A vacation with my mama. Prep for next year with my teammates. Participating in our school's summer reading program on Mondays.

I watch Pretty Little Liars on Tuesdays this summer! Woot woot! Anyone else excited about this?

I listen to Pandora. I love Pandora. It's one of the greatest things, and I've gotten so used to the silly little commercials that sometimes I just tune them out.

I read for learning more than enjoyment these days. I probably average one enjoyment read a year. The rest is all for learning. I guess my statement is wrong. I enjoy learning. So, really, I always read for enjoyment. What I should have said is I read informational text more than literature. Hmm... It used to be the other way around.

I do like to sleep in. I am not a morning person. In my perfect world, nothing outside my house would begin until 9 A.M. Because summer school is Monday-Thursday, I haven't truly gotten into my usual summer sleep-in schedule. That's ok, though. I'll get it back in July!

Have a grrrr-eat week!  
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