Thursday, June 5

One Down, Several to Go

I have a small pile of books I borrowed from colleagues over the past year. 
Summer's here. Time to start reading!
I finished this one over the past weekend. 

Here are a few of the nuggets I marked as I read: 

Explicit instruction generally involves teachers providing students with clear explanations and multiple demonstrations of specific and inconspicuous strategies for the targeted mathematics content. (pg 12)

...evidence-based approaches by teachers is imperative for the success...

The success of RTI relies upon the effectiveness of the decision-making process by the RTI team

The importance of carefully aligning Tiers 1 and 2 to supplement each other is well documented. (pg 13)

...students who complete kindergarten with weak knowledge of mathematics tend to experience consistent difficulties with mathematics. (pg 18) 

By the middle of first grade, students' ability to quickly and automatically retrieve arithmetic facts becomes critical for success in mathematics... (pg 20)

...two key elements should form the foundation of an effective Tier 1 core program:
1. A focus on covering critical math content
2. The incorporation of research-based instructional design principles. (pg 51)

...a weak core program can undermine the effectiveness of a multitiered service-delivery model. (pg 53)

...Tier 2 small-group the active agent that reduces math difficulty status for at-risk students. (pg 101) not support the use of peer-assisted instruction with students with LD...[as it] may fall short of the level of explicitness and scaffolding necessary to effectively help students... (pg 121)

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