Sunday, June 1

SLANT Box Revealed!

I participated in another month of Jameson's SLANT boxes.

The theme this month was monograms. Unfortunately for Casey, I'm not a very creative monogram person, so I had to rely on help from Michaels and Target. I sure hope she enjoys her box when it arrives early this next week! If you aren't familiar with Casey, you should check out her blog or find her on Instagram. She's a pretty neat lady!


This week I received my box from Mandee. She was so thoughtful with all of the items she put in my box.

I told her about how our school is going to have a school-wide theme, for the first time. Since we're panthers, we're going to have a jungle/safari theme. I love that Mandee incorporated that into my box and began my jungle collection. She sent me animal print pens and decorated 2 animal print boxes with monsters.

Even though there will be a school-wide jungle theme, I still plan on keeping my monsters because I've worked so hard on monster-ifying my room over the last 3 years and I really like it. Along with adding vines and leaves to my green and blue classroom, I think I'm just going to make some little safari hats to put on some of my monsters around the room. 

I loved all the monster stuff Mandee sent me! Sticky notes, monster match game for rainy days, character building signs, bulletin board characters. I especially liked seeing the stickers. A colleague told me about those, but I didn't find any at the Dollar Tree stores nearby. Finally, it's hard to see, there's a monster toy standing in front of the "Be Buddies" sign. 

Mandee did a great job. Thank you SO MUCH, Mandee for your thoughtfulness! I loved the box!

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