Tuesday, July 15

Memorable Students

Today, I'm participating in the Big Time Blogging Challenge. The topic is sharing about memorable students. Since I've taught for 8 years, I have plenty of students that immediately come to mind when I think back on each year. I'll share a quick memory from each year...
1. A spunky little boy was in trouble several times for acting like a monkey in the boys' bathroom. He would climb all over the stall partitions. Strangely, I had several conferences with the parents about various behaviors and their idea was to take him out for waffles. Hmm...
2. I was working with a group of my higher students in guided reading. A boy bent down, for what I can't remember, but his head went straight for the table. We all heard a loud smack. He was perfectly fine, but that little 15 second event sure gave me the giggles the rest of the day.

3. Ahh, the year I had two interesting kids. One, I felt the need to walk on egg shells around because the student would tell parents stories about what had happened that weren't completely true, like I refused to let the kids drink water on a hot day. The other, I felt could have some serious anger issues when older. The dad was intimidating!

4. My class and I took walks occasionally this year so that one little friend could be removed because my little friend was very uncooperative at times. In the next couple years, I heard there was trouble with the police. However, every once in a while we would cross paths, and the student always seemed excited to see me again. I must've made a positive impact regardless of the negatives.

5. I had the sweetest boy this year who was a real friend to everyone. I'm sure once he went to middle school he was teased to no end. Every now and then I see him and wonder if his drastic difference in appearance is due to teasing.
6. This year, my storyteller sticks out to me. He had a story for every lesson and situation. He's filled with facts and information, sometimes to his parents' chagrin, I'm sure. Turns out his little sibling is the exact same, though I didn't have the pleasure of having the sibling in my class last year.

7. I had a pretty fun class this year. They were generally happy and got along well. I had several memorable students. One that will always be on my heart is this sweet little girl that had a terrible time with her family situation. I will remember her attitude and big heart, regardless of the difficulty she was going through.

8. I had a spunky little student who rocked a unique fashion daily. There were days that I wanted to pull my hair out, but, thankfully, the student didn't feel the same way. This student loves {almost} everything {that doesn't involve reading and math}. I will be expecting plenty of hugs and hellos from across the hall next year.

I love hearing teachers tell stories of memorable moments. 
You should share some of your memories too!
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