Friday, July 11

Shopping Spree

I don't have my laptop back yet, but I'm going to give the Blogger app a try. Hope it goes well! No fancy schmancy stuff, but that's ok. 

I recently made a trip to town to visit some of my favorite stores. 

Here are some of my Back to School finds:


I found erasers and bookmarks for the first week of school, informational texts on animals and plants, blank books for a writing project, sentence strips, a cool hanging file teacher tote, Dr. Seuss goodies (I love this new bag), a paper tray, and a new lunch tote. 

The Back to School section wasn't quite put together yet. Everything was (mostly) still in boxes, but I did pick up a few of my favorite colors of Sharpie pens. (I love Sharpie pens.)

I forgot to check out the $9 Banker Box paper tray that someone mentioned recently, so I'll have to go back next time we head to town. Boo hoo, right? :)


I found clipboards (I would like to have a class set), blue and green containers that I will probably use in my class library (I made space for more books at the end of last year), National Geographic fact books, monster boxes, blank cards (because I can never have too many options for positive notes home), and some greenery (because our school-wide theme is jungle safari next year, so as soon as I can get into my room I will be jungle-ing it up). 

The store I went to didn't have a couple things I was in need of, like dice (somehow my whole container of dice has gone missing after loaning it to a para) and playing cards, so I will also need to go back to Dollar Tree. What sadness! ;)


I took lots of #BlogHoppin2014 scavenger hunt pictures and looked at some options for creating a tree on one of my tall cabinet's doors. I also came across this safari hat! I usually take individual pictures of the kids at the beginning of the year, so I thought it would be fun to wear the hat. I'll have to look for some cheap binoculars, too. 


I went for a yard of jungle safari-type fabric (green and black zebra print) to recover my bench after I add another layer of padding. (It's getting flat after 3 years.) I passed by the Back to School section and these caught my eye, so I bought one for myself and each member of my team. They, of course, loved them this morning when we met for our weekly planning time. 

Oh, and I got a new lanyard... I love it! It's my school colors (blue, black, and white), and it's from MICHAELS. Last year I had one with sparkly jewels, but my hair is longer and I'd find jewels in my hair or down the back of my shirt all the time. Annoying! I've had necklace lanyards before that pulled my hair sometimes, but I think this one will be different. I love it!
That's it, friends. That's all I have to share for today. 

Admittedly, I'm sort of pleasantly surprised at the Blogger app. I probably won't use it on a regular basis, but it is certainly adequate for when my laptop is absent.

Have a fabulous Friday and a fun weekend! :)