Friday, August 1

Currently {Vacation Edition} on a Friday

Yay, yay!
Two parties!
One day!


Nothing school-related...well, not really.

This week, my mom and I are on va-cay. We're road trippin' down to New Orleans to pick up some stuff from the house my great uncle used to live in. In the mean time, we're stoppin' and havin' a good ol' time.

We stopped in Little Rock for the night, then toured the presidential center the next morning. We headed down the road to Memphis where we toured Graceland before turning in for the night.

Then we made our way to New Orleans, our intended destination. Of course, in our stroll around the Quarter, I found some Cajun-style books to use this year. This particular book will fit nicely into that RL.2.9 standard... different versions of the same story.

We also decided to visit the aquarium. Love seeing the funny looking creatures as well as the more well-known creatures. So amazing how there are so many different looking creatures, but they were all created for a reason. God is an AMAZING planner.

We also stopped in at the insectarium. I took several great butterfly and moth pictures that will {hopefully} be usable when we talk about butterflies and moths in the spring.

Finally, tonight we reached Texas. We have serious plans tomorrow to visit the Space Center. Then we'll meet up with my brother this weekend before heading home. It's been great. It'll continue be great for a few more days!

Hope you have a great weekend too!!!
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