Thursday, August 7

Ready for Home Visits

Everything's really starting to come together! I plan to do a classroom reveal next Wednesday...the kids' first day of school. It's going to be quite a day!

Tonight I finished my Back-to-School newsletter and the label I'm going to stick on my Back-to-School postcards. I plan on handing those out when I do home visits on Sunday and Monday.

Do you have to visit your kids at home before the first day of school?

Here's a little peak at what I accomplished tonight!

I love the new clip art I bought at the Back-to-School TeachersPayTeachers sale. Doesn't it just add a little something special to my newsletter and postcard?

If you get a chance, send me some happy thoughts Friday morning. I'll be presenting a mini-session for one of our morning inservice meeting. I've never done that before and am a little nervous to stand in front of so many awesome colleagues who probably have more insight and far more experience than me. I know it will probably be just fine, but talking in front of a group of adults is scary!

Have a great weekend!
I'm excited to meet some midwest bloggers and teachers on Saturday!
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  1. I was just thinking I'm glad I don't have to do home visits - but I bet you gain a lot of information. I love your back to school stuff - the graphics are cute and lots of good info. And I'm sure you'll do fine at your presentation - I bet you have a lot to offer/ share with everybody!

  2. I have never heard of home visits! I bet that is a lot of work, but I also bet the kids really get super excited to see their teacher come to their house.

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