Monday, August 4

T minus 9 Days: Monday Made It

Well, I arrived back from my vacation last night, so it was a little difficult wanting to go work at school this morning. I made it, though. Here's a peek at what I accomplished today...

I made my Happy Birthday board. All I'm missing are the kids' pictures showing their birth dates. I'll have to finish this after the kids come on the first day.

On our way back home yesterday, we stopped by the Dallas IKEA. (The nearest one is 6 hours away, so visiting rarely happens! Luckily, there will soon be one only 3 hours away.) I bought a red and orange frame for the kids' Spelling lists. They don't sell a yellow one (that I could tell, anyway), so I bought a white one and spray-painted it yellow. Now I have one for each team's table top. 

I'm planning to implement Magazine Mondays this year. I'll tell you more about it once I figure it out. I made huge labels for the sides of the paper trays where we store the magazines. I have two more labels to make, I discovered, and need to make a "Magazine Mondays" sign for the top.


I dropped by our transportation center (aka the bus barn) to have some notebooks cut in half for writing journals. (I need to put a cute label on top of each now.) The person in charge is so nice and did it right then. She even let me have a go at the gigantic paper cutter. It was probably the highlight of my day. It was awesome!

I look forward to seeing other Monday Made It projects...
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