Saturday, August 23

WHAT Friday on a Saturday

What do I love in my classroom?

I do enjoy when we learn through science experiments.
So do the kids.


I enjoy teaching the students about the world and history. I like tying it into character education, too, because I want them to grow up to be people who help make this world a nicer, better place. I want them to want it to be nicer and better too.

I love watching them get to be themselves, but I also enjoy seeing them experience new things or go outside their box. I try to do the same to show them it's ok. 

I love our poetry journals and how every year it is fuller than the year before. We read the poetry together, talk about it, and then illustrate it. It's one of my favorite times of the week.

This year I'm already loving our new writing journals that we will are using as a part of our Daily 5. I think it will be a great showcase of how the kids have grown through the year in handwriting, word knowledge, and writing ability. I will be sad when we are no longer building our stamina together, because I've enjoyed the reflection time.

This year I'm also loving my change in vocabulary instruction, too. I love how the kids are buying in and we are finding other situations to apply our weekly words. I hope this creates a love for words in my second graders. 

Have a great weekend!
We're going to see Guardians of the Galaxy this afternoon.
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