Friday, August 22

WHEN Thursday: Schedules and Planning

Hey, friends!

I'm a little late, but I wanted to share my daily schedule and what I use to plan for each week.

This year, our principals decided to set our schedules for best use of the paras and aides around the building. The only decisions my team and I made was how to spend our 90 minute literacy block.

You will notice that we haven't specified specific times for Science and Social Studies. On our long range plan, we have set aside weeks where we will take a break from our Storytown basal and we will use that time to work on Science and Social Studies (within our literacy block).

One of my teammates and I were part of a vocabulary book study this summer, so we are working hard to be more intentional with vocabulary instruction, and I have to say, so far I am LOVING it.

You will also notice I have some scheduled GoNoodle time. Yeah, baby! The kids LOVE it. (I do too, of course, especially when we have visitors, like the SL teacher who can join in.)

The biggest change this year is that we have a gigantic block of teaching and learning this year since our specials aren't until late in the afternoon, so we are all exhausted and ready when the time finally arrives. I think, overall, I will enjoy my schedule this year more than last year, though.

Last spring, I tried out a few online options for lesson planning. I finally settled on as my tool for 2014-15. It seemed to have the least amount of glitches. Some of the things I like about it are...
it has a free app
being able to scroll through each day separately on the app
I can save the lesson plans on my laptop
I can also print them
it has features like bump or extend lessons
it is very user-friendly

Planbook offers a month free trial. I would suggest trying it out that way. If you decide you like it as much as I did, then you can pay the $12 to use it for the rest of the year.

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