Tuesday, August 19

WHERE Tuesday: Classroom 360

Hey, friends!

Ok, so I'm working on surviving my first days with my kids, so please excuse that my desk looks a little messy and there are a couple piles around the room that won't always be there. :) I know you'll understand. These first days sure are exhausting! When I finally have the time, I don't have the energy!

west wall: cubbies!

south wall: cabinets and hallway windows

east wall: whiteboard and listening center

north wall: classroom library and teacher area

Current Bulletin Boards: 
our school-wide expectations (the blue words were our vocabulary words last week)
birthday bulletin board (phew, check out all the June birthdays...crazy!)
classroom job board (this year I'm using pictures...might switch to velcro dots soon instead of the picture holders...otherwise, I love it)
end of day routine (I decided this year that I would take pictures and make posters of our routines...still working on many of them)

Anchor Charts (so far):
bucket fillers/bucket dippers (after reading the Have You Filled a Bucket Today? book)
Read to Self and 3 Ways to Read a Book (in my classroom we use the Daily 5 for our center rotations...the kids are doing great so far with building our Read to Self stamina)
handling problems (I use Pathways to Reading for my small group/whole group phonics instruction and during the first days of school it recommends several great small group prep ideas...I love this student's suggestion on how to handle a paper rip, "Just deal with it!" amen, little friend, sometimes we just need to let it be for the moment...of course, we came back to this idea as we continued on)

We have a ways to go, but I feel better about this year than I did starting out last year. I think I've been more intentional this year. Yay! How great it will be when our machine is running smoothly!

Happy Wednesday, friends!
I hope it's a good one!
Thanks for dropping by...

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