Monday, August 18

WHO Monday

Warning... you are about to be overloaded with pictures! :o)

That's me on the right. 
My name is Sarah.

This is a selfie my husband and I took just a few days ago. 
He's a college math teacher.

That's my family...well, some of them. I also have two older brothers. 
They live much farther away from our parents than I do. 

Besides those 2 amazing women up top, I have some spectacular friends that I love spending time with. My friend on the left is a teacher now, too. She'll be teaching 3rd grade this year. My friend in the middle picture works at a college in the compliance office. She's pretty great. Of course, you've already met my mom. Crazy to think we used to butt heads all the time when I was a teenager!

These are a few of my favorite things. 
Do you know where those blue trees are?
We visited my sister-in-law up there a couple summers ago. Loved it!
She's moving to Spain again in just a few days, though.
Maybe we'll have to save up to visit her next summer.

Hope today was a GREAT start to your week! This is my first full week with kids, so we're working hard at building our stamina as hard-working second graders. Boy, is that exhausting!

Come back tomorrow for a little WHERE action... a peek into my classroom!

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