Monday, August 18

WHO Monday

Warning... you are about to be overloaded with pictures! :o)

That's me on the right. 
My name is Sarah.

This is a selfie my husband and I took just a few days ago. 
He's a college math teacher.

That's my family...well, some of them. I also have two older brothers. 
They live much farther away from our parents than I do. 

Besides those 2 amazing women up top, I have some spectacular friends that I love spending time with. My friend on the left is a teacher now, too. She'll be teaching 3rd grade this year. My friend in the middle picture works at a college in the compliance office. She's pretty great. Of course, you've already met my mom. Crazy to think we used to butt heads all the time when I was a teenager!

These are a few of my favorite things. 
Do you know where those blue trees are?
We visited my sister-in-law up there a couple summers ago. Loved it!
She's moving to Spain again in just a few days, though.
Maybe we'll have to save up to visit her next summer.

Hope today was a GREAT start to your week! This is my first full week with kids, so we're working hard at building our stamina as hard-working second graders. Boy, is that exhausting!

Come back tomorrow for a little WHERE action... a peek into my classroom!

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  1. Hi there! I just found out I wasn't following you--weird because I thought I was and wondered why you'd been quiet. Ha! Fixed that little problem. Pretty sure one of those ladies in your top picture was my kindergarten teacher! Don't want to give her name on here. :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles


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