Wednesday, August 20

WHY Wednesday: Organization

Hey, welcome back!

Unfortunately, organization doesn't come naturally to me, so I don't have a lot of advice to give or cool pictures to share in this area. I do, however, love looking at how organized everyone else is and one day hope to attain that {seemingly} elite status. :o)

(These pictures are all ones I've shared in the past. I left school today without taking any pictures. Sorry!)

Seriously, though, it seems that the more organized I am, the less I know where to find stuff, so, even though I always desire to be more organized, I know it's ok {for me} that I'm not.

My desk may look like chaos to some, but I know exactly where everything's at.

Each year I feel that I am doing better at getting areas around the room labeled. That is usually the most important thing for me because I generally know where everything is, but I know someday something will happen that will require a last minute substitute teacher, and I hate the thought of letting such an important guest in my room down. I've been a substitute before and they already have a hard job without adding to their stress with not being able to find essential things in my classroom.

Looking forward to seeing all the brilliant organizational ideas you all have to share... and relating with those of you who make stacks, like me.

Happy Thursday, friends!
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