Sunday, September 21

iPad and iPhone Comment Shortcuts

I'm willing to admit that I'm probably the last person to figure this out, but just in case 
someone else can benefit from this little tidbit, tonight I present my first tutorial...

I love adding a link to my blog when I comment on blog posts. Oftentimes, that happens when I'm on my iPad or iPhone, though. A while ago, I discovered a way to make a shortcut on my devices. 
I just had to redo my shortcuts when I updated to the new iOS and decided I should create a tutorial. 
All I have to do is enter in 3 letters and my link appears. Definitely takes much less time and thought! 

I started out in Settings. 


You will type your HTML link on the phrase line and the letters you'll type on the shortcut line.
Press Save and you are finished. When you are finished commenting on someone's blog, just enter your shortcut and your link appears. Just like that. Give it a try!

Have a good week, friends!
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