Monday, September 1

September Currently

It's September, so you know what that means...

I am currently listening to the sounds of the house. My husband went to a coffee shop to grade some papers (he teaches college Math). If he were here, I'd probably be listening to the sounds of tennis.

I just love 3 day weekends. I like to sleep. I like extra time to get things done.

Tomorrow is our 8th anniversary. Tomorrow is also a day where my husband has an evening class and doesn't get home until very late, so we're going to celebrate tonight.

Even though Hubs left to grade papers, I decided I better get up to make sleep even nicer tonight. I'm a natural night owl, so sometimes I try to make myself get up early to help me fall asleep easier. I wish I could fall asleep like Hubs. He hits the pillow and is out seconds later. Not me.

What I should be doing right now... what I need to do is finish getting ready for school tomorrow!

1. I have been to California but never to see any redwoods. They just seem so amazing.
2. I went to Washington D.C. when I was very little, maybe 5 or 6, so I don't remember very much of it at all. Just the changing of the guard. I want to go back for sure!
3. We often talk about going to Europe, but I'm not certain that would ever really happen. My sister-in-law just moved to Spain for the second time, though. She lived there last year but had to come back in June. She worked through the summer trying to find a job again so that she could go back because she'd started dating someone there. I suppose if she ended up making it a permanent home we'd have to save up and go see her. Boo hoo, right?

Hope you enjoy your 3rd day of the weekend!
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