Thursday, October 2

Currently...with TREATS!

Oy! Time for bed, friends! I was ready a couple hours ago!

I wanted to be sure and pop in for Farley's monthly Currently because I was excited to share some treats with you. What are friends for?!

My husband is nearly out when his head hits the pillow, but I still hear a chuckle every now and then coming from the bedroom, so maybe I'll still beat him to sleep.

I was supposed to bake cookies last night for Custodian Appreciation Day but, of course, I forgot, so I baked them tonight and will take them tomorrow instead. Mint chocolate chip cookies. They'll be just as delicious a day late, right?!

I need sleep! Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

The treats I have for you are all new... {Hopefully} you will be able to click on each picture and download my shared file from Dropbox... crossing my fingers now!

My kiddos (and possibly the other kiddos in my hallway) have struggled to put iPads in the cart correctly, so I took a picture and made a couple signs. Just print, cut apart, and attach to the door of the cart (at least that's what I did).

Tomorrow, my kids will be completing this in their Word Work center. We've been working on identifying and categorizing nouns.

Since we are working on nouns, we will also be rocking out to this song, so I typed up the lyrics. We have a poetry journal where we collect poems and songs. Love it!

All of my TREATS used the phenominal KG Second Chances font and my own Properly Proper font.

Enjoy and have a FABULOUS Friday!!!
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