Friday, October 24

Five for Friday: Parent Teacher Conference Week!

Oy! I've enjoyed my day off!

In my district, we have parent teacher conferences Tuesday night and for 12 hours on Thursday. Then, on Friday, because we worked those extra hours on the conference days, we have the day off. Lovely!

Conferences went well this year. Even though I have a trio of stinkers, I have a good group of parents. Yay! Such a blessing!

What a great 3-day week!

We did a little decorating this week... for parent teacher conferences but also for our fall party next Friday. Our first project was a content-related one. First thing after the kids were settled at their tables and we had heard the morning announcements, we created Frankenstein body parts. Then, during the kids' word work center, the kids sorted Halloween nouns and glued the final project together. I hung them around the room immediately after centers were over for a quick transformation. We loved our Frankensteins!


Since we ended our first quarter last week, I handed out some brag tag awards. The kids loved it! This is BY FAR my favorite brag tag I've made to date. Love it! The kids love collecting them, and some of the kids who came to conferences were excited to show and tell their parents about them. 

Our second project was stained glass pumpkins. I printed half a pumpkin shape on a black piece of construction paper. The kids folded their paper in half. They cut around that pumpkin shape. They they cut out the middle part. We put them a piece of contact paper and started laying our tissue paper squares. They turned out great! Kinda look more like round, orangish apples, but that's ok. 

This week during our Wednesday MTSS (RTI) Math groups, we had equation chain races. I broke the kids in my room into two groups. They raced to create as many (human) equation chains they could make. This group won, making 7 chains in 15 minutes, compared to the other group's 6. They did a great job and had a lot of fun counting and creating math facts. 

Today I ran a bunch of errands, including picking up some pumpkins for next Friday's pumpkin math and taking all kinds of random pictures around town for Amanda's Halloween Hunt. Love a day when I can wake up without an alarm, go for a walk around the neighborhood, and take my time running errands...


Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend, friends!