Sunday, October 26

FREEDOM Galatians 5:1

Two Sundays ago, I loved participating in

I wanted to make sure I shared again what's been on my heart the last two weeks.

In my Tuesday night women's group, we spend a lot of time in prayer, but our host also makes sure we get into the Word, so we can grow and dwell on it through the week.

I missed last Tuesday because of parent teacher conferences (sad face), but a couple of Tuesdays ago, she asked us to decide on a word and to discover a verse that we could pray over our lives, based on our current season and desires of our hearts. Immediately, during the closing prayer that night, FREEDOM popped into my head.

That word has so many meanings to me... burdens and anxieties. Then, I discovered this verse. It happens to be from the NIRV, in case anyone was wondering. (I like checking different versions to see how the wording differs.)

I would invite you to try the same thing and see how God works through it.

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