Friday, October 3

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

Today we met with our Panther Pals... our fifth grade friends. The friends' teacher planned the activity this time, and it was a GREAT one! 

First she shared this video with us. 

Next, she gave each second grader a piece of blue construction paper. Our fifth grade friends helped us fold the paper "hamburger style" and use a spoon to drop some spots of paint on one side of our paper. 

Then, we folded our paper hamburger style again, squishing the paint in between. We opened up our paper to see what shapes we had made.  

The teacher gave each second grader a paper. At the top it said, "It looked like spilt milk, but it wasn't spilt milk." At the bottom, the fifth graders finished the sentence, "It was just ___." 

We glued our paint creations on the white paper to share with the rest of the group. The kids had a lot of fun working together. I love our Panther Pal time. I think my second graders really love getting to work with the fifth graders too!

(The happy kid faces are from Creative Clips in her School Favorites set.)

I hope you've had a good week, 
but most importantly...
I hope you have a much deserved and restful weekend!
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