Saturday, October 18

Saturday Shout Outs

Oy! What a week, friends!

We just ended our first quarter this week, so my week has been filled with assessments, grading, numbers, and more numbers. Trust me, I'm not sad it's over. Next week will be a little different. 3 days with kids. Conferences with parents on Tuesday night and all day Thursday. Friday will be heaven... no school!

I'm writing today to share two big things with you.

This week I received my September SLANT box! It received just on time as an end of quarter pick me up. Thank you, Michelle, for the box filled with my favorite things. I love everything! A decorated clipboard, thank you notes, scented expo markers, post-its, a cute little bag, yogurt raisins (my favorite snack), and peanut M&Ms (my favorite candy, which didn't even make it a day, you should know). THANK YOU!!!

If you haven't visited Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom yet, you should. She takes lots of pictures of her classroom and has lots of great ideas.

If you want to know more about SLANT boxes, which happen each month, you should check out Lessons with Coffee. Jameson organizes and pairs teachers up each month. Amazing! I don't know how she does it EVERY month. Thank you, Jameson, for spreading the love and joy each month!

Today, I am featured over at Amanda's blog! It was fun to look back at what I wrote this summer. As far as my goals are concerned... I definitely think I've done better with writing more frequently, at least once a week. I have also taken some steps outside my box, attending a blogger meet up and have made some local blogging friends.

If you haven't stopped by Amanda's blog, you definitely should. She's such an amazing blogger with great ideas to share. Thank you, Amanda, for your kind words and featuring me today!

Today I will not be doing anything school related.
That hasn't happened in a while.
Have a great Saturday!!! 
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