Saturday, October 11

Seven on Saturday

I'm late... I know... but I have a terrible cold that's making me so exhausted and, at times, feel miserable, so... yes, I'm late.

I don't exactly have five... and it's not Friday... so here's some highlights from my week.

First of all, this week was antiBullying Awareness Week in Kansas, so our counselor came and talked with us about bullying and read us the story about Spookley, a square pumpkin. (Of course we had to watch the video on Friday.) Wednesday was superhero day. Loved it!

This week we also tried to do some of our end-of-quarter testing. My teammates and I try to help each other out by taking all the second graders for an hour and doing an activity with them so the other teachers can pull students to test them.

One of my teammates planned some Math centers. A group of students sat in a circle and took turns rolling the pumpkin to each other. The receiver answered whatever math equation their thumb landed on. The kids enjoyed it!

Another Math center was practicing doubles. The kids would roll a die and double it. They would place a candy corn on the sum on their paper. Fun, fun, fun!


Thursday was silly sock day. I'm all about that! I wore one sock that matched and one that didn't. I also just so happened to match the character in the book that I read to the second graders...

I taught the lesson on this day. We did a Me on the Map activity. I read them the book and guided them in making the circles. It went well except for the time factor. We ended up very rushed at the end.

We added some more brag tags to our chains. Our music teacher was keeping track of class points for following school/classroom expectations. I don't know about you, but I especially want my kids to be respectful and make the right choices when they're with other adults. My class tied for second place. Yay! So I made them a brag tag because they LOVE adding tags to their chains.

I also tried a pencil experiment this week because I was getting annoyed at sharpening pencils the week before. I also made a "longest pencil" brag tag for the person that ended the week with the longest pencil.

This month our staff has been BOO-ing each other. You receive a special little treat with a note, found here. You put the note on your door or in your window. Then you put together two little treats and BOO two other people. And so the fun continues. Above are my two BOO treats. Little fall containers, candy corn, pencils, and hershey bars wrapped liked mummies. If you want to have some fun at your school, just print this note and share the love.

Have a good weekend, friends!
I'll be resting up and lesson planning. Woo!
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