Sunday, October 12

Where's My Treasure?

Lately, I have felt very overwhelmed. So much to do. 
It seems like more is piled on before I have the opportunity to take some of my load off. 

I feel a need to simplify. 
Job. Home. Everything. 

This verse has come up several times over the last couple of weeks. 
Where are my priorities? 
What do I give most of my time and energy to? 

These are the things I have been dwelling on and praying about lately.

What's on your heart? 
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  1. I'm with you! It is so easy to get our priorities mixed up. Thanks for the reminder--one of my favorite verses!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. This is a great verse and good reminder. I think it goes the opposite way also - if I'm spending a lot of my time at something, is that really my priority, or has it just taken over?
    Something good to read on Monday morning! Sara

  3. Ahhh, I love this verse! Thanks for sharing the image. =)



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